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Dear Treva,

This letter is a heartfelt thanks to you and your team at Estate Sales by Treva for your diligence and kindheartedness in handling the clearing out our Dad’s house.

After losing our stepmom and Dad within 5 months of each other, we found ourselves somewhat overwhelmed .We were in need of help in liquidating personal belongings and household items. As you are painfully aware, emptying a house lived in for over 19 years, containing contents from a lifetime, loomed as an extremely daunting task.

You and your team expertly sifted through a full house and garage. Truckloads of personal belongings and household items were removed and you and your team organized and held several sales over many weeks. The net proceeds exceeded our expectations. Your reasonable fee netted our family a nice check.

We also appreciated the countless and dependable referrals you provided from move out housecleaning services to real estate brokers.

It was a pleasure working with you.Our family highly recommends the services of Estate Sales by Treva to any family in need of meticulous estate liquidation services. We’re uncertain what we would have done without you and your team!

Diana, Rob, Steve, Trudie, Michael & Kim

Sent: July 17, 2015

To: Treva Redmon
Subject: Thanks

Hi Treva,

Received the check. Thanks much. Check was larger than I expected. Great job.


Sent: Friday, June 20, 2014

To: estatesalesbytreva
Subject: thanks

Treva — I don’t know if you’re still in the business of estate sales, but I wanted to thank you for all the ways you helped us over 8 years ago when we moved from Black Mountain to Princeton, New Jersey. We live in a life-care facility, and many times we’ve told friends of how helpful you were….so many of our friends here have left a larger home and moved into smaller quarters, and we’ve wished that they could have known you! So a special thank you from years ago!!!
N and D M

To whom it may concern:
What a stroke of luck it was to find “Estate Sales by Treva”. A move from a 3-bedroom house with ‘scads’ of storage space to a tiny apartment left us with a lot of possessions we no longer needed or had room for, and with the problem of getting rid of them. Treva Redmon had the organizational skills, a large data bank of clients and a network of problem-solvers to dispose of everything with honesty, efficiency and good humor in a minimum of time. We found it easy to work with Treva; She made the whole process run smoothly. We would heartily recommend Treva to anyone who has similar problems.
B. & K. M-W.

Dear Treva:
Thank you so much for the incredible job you and your employees did with the estate sale at my parents’ home. A wonderful team of friendly and knowledgeable people. Everything was handled so professionally and with great attention to detail. We were pleased with the sales figures and extremely impressed with the way you left the house. It was cleaner than it was when we moved in. I would give you the keys to my home anytime! We will be recommending you to everyone we know. Thank you again.
S. H. D. H.

I was very pleased with the way you handled the Estate Sale. You had everything set up & priced really well. Everything was so neat. I think the sale went really good. People that came by the sale and the ones that came to see the house “For Sale” where very impressed with the way you handled everything. I work full time and just didn’t have time to do what you did. It sure took a lot off me & my Son. I will highly recommend you to any one. Thanks for your hard work. I will be getting in touch with you next year, when I need to have my sale.
Canton, NC

“Treva made everything happen in a wonderfully organized way. She took charge at a very sad time for our family and helped us out tremendously. She was also very kind and helpful.”
B. M. B., Ph.D.

Dear Treva,
Your card was handed to me and I called in desperation, being unfamiliar with local services and needing immediate assistance. When you began to work with me it was as if God had sent an angel to sit on my shoulder. Your willingness to stretch your schedule, even being late for your own birthday party, to move my mother’s furnishings to assisted living was the kind of dedication I have rarely if ever encountered in a business professional. Every step of the way you were patient with my desire to do the best for my mother in a difficult time in her life. When it came to the actual move, I could never have imagined such a quick and smooth operation. Your helpers were well trained and you supervised them with efficiency and kindness. As for helping me to find additional furnishings suitable for the space available, and figuring out how to make our money go further with used items and your knowledge of local stores, all I can say is -once again- an angel on my shoulder. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Efficiency, fair pricing, and compassionate caring could not be better combined than in your service. Please feel free to print this message for your reference book and/or post it on your website. I want others to know the good news about Treva Redmon!
K.D.S. New Jersey

Dear Treva,
Thank you so very much for helping Tom and me through the difficult task of moving Dad to Assisted Living and liquidating his household goods. We tried to squeeze a lot of activity into a two-week period, and it’s clear that we never would have succeeded at it without your assuming so much of the burden. You brought your experience and familiarity with the facility to bear as you helped us figure out how to furnish the room in Assisted Living. Dad has received numerous compliments on the warm and homey atmosphere of his room, and he’s very comfortable there. When it came time to actually move the furniture, you and your assistants arrived and, before we could turn around, the job was done! Then we faced the task of sorting out the sixteen-year accumulation of household goods in Dad’s villa. You were very patient and helpful as we went through things and tried to make lots of difficult decisions. When we finally got out of your way, you prepared for your sale, conducted it, and made the villa available for Givens to sell almost a week ahead of your projected schedule. In short, your assistance was invaluable to us. The service you provided was absolutely impeccable. Your concern for the people involved, and the integrity with which you approach your business made working with you a pleasure. I’d recommend you without the slightest reservation to anyone in need of the services you’re equipped to render. Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference.
Sincerely yours,

To whom it May Concern:
I am writing to give the highest possible recommendation to Treva Redmon and Estate Sales by Treva. As guardian of the estate of an elderly woman who had to move to an assisted living facility, I was in need of assistance in liquidating my wards personal belongings to raise funds for her care and to clear out her home for rental. Emptying and cleaning the house loomed as an extremely daunting task.
Treva and her staff sifted through a house full of “stuff”, separating the good from the bad. They removed five truckloads of garbage and junk, including a huge broken freezer. Treva also separated out personal items and made several trips to the assisted living facility to bring them to my ward. For the sale, she and her staff tagged and attractively displayed the saleable items. The sale itself went extremely well, due in large part to Treva’s efficient administration and her connections with good buyers. The sale proceeds far exceeded my expectations, and Treva’s extremely reasonable fees left a tidy sum for the use and benefit of my ward. On top of it all, was left with a house that was clean and ready for my property manager to prepare for rental.
Aside from her competence at managing the cleaning process and the sale, Treva also provided extra care and consideration that separates her from other estate liquidators. She handled a difficult family member with tact and kindness. She made several trips to my ward’s new home at the assisted living facility to bring her personal items and expressed genuine concern about her well-being. She showed initiative turning off the water in the home to prevent damage from a water leak and by taking extra steps to secure the home and preserve my client’s property. Finally, she called on a cold night to assure me that she had set the thermostat to prevent the pipes from freezing.
In short, Treva Redmon is an extraordinarily competent and conscientious estate liquidator. I will certainly call her the next time I need an estate sale and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing estate liquidation services.
Victor C. Garlock

Thank you so much for handling the sale at my mother’s house. We were surprised at the amount you were able to obtain for her considering that everyone in the family had taken so much already. Fortunately for us, you are more aware about how to price various items for sale. We had no clue about how much the things were worth. In addition, we had no idea that you would leave the house so clean. I am sure you are well aware from your experience that having to do such a thing as selling off a family member’s things is quite stressful. As we were going though her things after she went to Givens Estates, a lot of pleasant memories were recalled by each of us. This has been a rather sad time for us and we are grateful that you were able to relieve us by your quick work in handling the sale.

Dear Treva:
My wife and I wish to thank you for your skillful handling of our estate sale. We consider ourselves fortunate to have discovered a real professional. You seemed to have a knack for transforming a pile of stuff into an attractive display while still protecting our privacy and other possessions. We liked having your estimate of the total sales proceeds and also the option of keeping our gardening and laundry equipment for future sale closer to our move date. You really do offer a personal service to match the needs of your clients. You may use our names as references for your future clients.
E. F.
Asheville, NC

Dear Treva;
Thank you so much for your help this past month with the estate sale for my mother. It’s been a difficult year for my husband and myself, dealing with my father’s death, my mother’s dementia and resulting responsibility for us with the selling of their home and property in McDowell County. I’m so glad I found you in the “yellow pages”. You provide a valuable service to families in circumstances such as ours where both people work and need advise and help with added responsibilities. I appreciate your willingness to help with the estate sale long distance in McDowell County, and your expertise in pricing, selling of the estate (especially the farm equipment). What a relief to walk into an empty clean house after the sale! A big load has been lifted off my shoulders. Please let me know if I can be of help in recommending you as a valuable resource in our community
McDowell County

Dear Treva,
It is gratifying this morning to walk through empty rooms. You certainly know how to clear out estates quickly. You did your accounting and I had my profit almost on the spot. Now I am free to take my weary bones to a drier climate in Arizona. It would have taken me weeks to sell all the items that you sold in two days. Your contact list certainly brings in customers who are buyers. Thank you for the professionalism you showed in maintaining my privacy and the security of my home. Thanks again.
J. J.
Asheville, N.C.

Dear Treva,
I received the remainder of the goods you said you would forward on to me after they were properly packed. I appreciate your help with the sale of Mr. Marks’ furniture and other items he would not be able to bring to Montana. Also, thank you for helping me with Dad and getting on the road at the appropriate time. Your experience in these matters was very obvious and very helpful in dealing with Dad during a difficult time for both of us. I can’t thank you enough.
Very Truly,
W. A. S. Polson, MT

Dear Treva,
The check for the proceeds from the sale of some of my household items arrived yesterday, and I am pleased with the amount-especially at this time of the year! What a pleasure to work with you! Your professionalism and efficiency made the physical disposal of items go smoothly. And just as important, was your friendly, understanding manner, which eased the emotional anxiety of parting with family possessions I hope we could work together again at some time if I should have to dispose of additional personal items
Sincerely yours,

Dear Treva,
Thank you so much for all you did to help me during a bad time. Losing my Dad is tough, and living 800 miles from Asheville is very hard, but you smoothed the way and have taken all the worries and hassles of disposing with Dad’s estate in hand. I bless the day your name came my way! You made a nearly impossible job for me easy and pain-free and you are joy to do business with. I would be so pleased to write any recommendations you may need, but I warn you: I may embarrass you with all my glowing accolades! I can’t thank you enough for all you invaluable help.
Very Sincerely,
M.S.Y. Berlyn, PA

Dear Treva:
You have certainly been a blessing in my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your work of organizing and selling my Aunt Pansy’s possessions was a huge relief to me. I was truly overwhelmed at doing it all myself. I have told my friends all about your care and concern for selling the items. I have recommended your service to all. Please tell your wonderful and faithful help that I do appreciate their part in this.
Thanks to all of you. In His Love

Dear Treva:
I would like to thank you for the very hard work and efforts that you performed in the sale of the household items from my mother’s home in Asheville. I was particularly pleased to have been able to leave the entire matter in your hands and that you took care of all the necessary details within the time period which were requested. It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors.
Very truly yours,
H. K.

Hope you know how much your effort is appreciated! Nice Check!
A. K.

Dear Treva:
Thank you for selling my household furnishing on such short notice. I had only one week to clear it out. Without you, I could not have accomplished it. Thank you so much for the help and the check.
N. G. F.

Dear Treva:
Today I received your check, donation receipts and the key to my mother’s house. 1 am so pleased with the way our sale went. This has been a difficult time for me, breaking up my mother’s household and knowing she will never be able to live next door to me again. Treva, you took such a burden off of me and you did it in an efficient and professional way. And, I can hardly believe how clean the house was when your sale was finished. I am so thankful for you and your wonderful staff. Please, if you ever need a reference, you may use my name. I would consider it an honor to tell anyone how wonderful it was doing business with you. I consider you a friend now.
K. H.
Asheville, NC 28805

To Whom It May Concern:
Going through the trauma of moving from the United States back to England and all that it involved, we found Treva and her staff a God-send. The Sale held at our house was very professionally handled, with care and consideration. The set-up with white tables made everything look so attractive to the buyers, the pricing was very fair and the clean-up outstanding. We fully recommend Treva to any would-be client. Thank you Treva for your patience, care and professional attitude
Best wishes,
E & B D

Dear Treva,
Thank you for sending our check so promptly. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all you did for us. Your friendly, sweet, efficient manner and that of your staff made work with you a pleasure/ I shouldn’t say working with you because you did all the work and under the circumstances that was a pleasure to us. You were extremely considerate even letting us keep some things until the last minute. Your knowledge of your job gave us confidence in you. Since we had to downsize, we are grateful w could do it so easily and with a profit.
J & E K
Greenville, NC

To Whom It May Concern:
Treva Redmon has helped us with two Asheville moves – one in Biltmore Forest the other at Deerfield – she has made it unbelievably pleasant and easy. She is the most organized person I have ever met and has made difficult moves a good experience- I found her to be dependable, neat, very professional and a friend.
Lookout Mtn, GA

To Whom It May Concern,
During my tenure as President of Mars Hill College, I had two occasions to use the services of Estate Sales by Treva to liquidate estates given to the college. Most recently, I used their services to conduct a sale for an estate for which serve as Executor. I every case, I found Treva and her crew to be totally professional, honest, efficient, knowledgeable, considerate, and thorough. All that I had to do was to give Treva a key, stay out of the way, and deposit the estate check after the sale! If I ever have the need for this type of service in the future, I will call Treva without hesitation. I will be willing to talk to any potential client about the services of Estate Sales by Treva.
Fred B. Bentley,
Mars Hill College President Emeritus

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